The Northern Territory’s (NT) fertile land, regular rainfall and ample sunlight support a thriving agribusiness sector that’s known around the world for its safe, high-quality food and animal products.

The NT’s agribusiness sector covers both land and sea, including:

  • beef cattle and other livestock (including crocodiles and buffalo)
  • fruit (dominated by mangoes but also melons, table grapes and citrus fruit)
  • vegetables and cut flowers (mainly orchids and heliconias)
  • hay crops
  • forestry products
  • commercial fishing (dominated by barramundi but also salmon, shark, snapper and other reef species, mud crab, prawns and trepang)
  • pearl farming
  • bush medicine and foods.
Irrigating a crop

Agribusiness facts and stats:

  • NT agribusiness sector production is estimated at AU$726.5 million in 2016-17
  • 2.3 million head of cattle run on 223 pastoral leases on an area covering approximately 45% of the NT
  • AU$1 billion: industry estimate of the value of the NT beef cattle industry
  • NT cattle make up about a third of Australia’s total live exports to Indonesia
  • the NT’s annual mango crop is worth more than AU$80 million
  • some 125 mango growers produce four million trays of mangoes each year
  • 50% of Australia’s mangoes are grown in the NT
  • the planned AU$2.1 billion Project Sea Dragon in the Victoria River district will be one of the world’s largest prawn aquaculture farms
  • trials to farm trepang, giant clams and rock oysters are being developed in coastal areas of the NT
  • the NT leads the world in high-quality saltwater crocodile skins and supplies high-end fashion markets in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • the NT has 51 500 hectares of forest plantations
  • African mahogany, black wattle and sandalwood plantations
  • estimated NT jobs in total agribusiness sector in 2016: 1600.

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