Tiwi Islands

Australia's newest island destination

Comprising both Bathurst Island and Melville Island, the Tiwi Islands are renowned for the cultural and environmental character which has been protected and conserved over 11 000 years of Aboriginal stewardship.

An agreement between the Northern Territory Government’s Land Development Corporation, the Tiwi Land Council and the Tiwi Aboriginal Land Trust has opened up special opportunities for investment. There are a wide range of opportunities available including tourism, residential, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial sectors.

Tourism and residential 

Our vision is to create a quality tourism and or residential development that embraces the Tiwi culture and natural resources of the Islands. The project will be a sustainable business model that will benefit the Tiwi people through the creation of jobs, training and a stimulated local economy.

The Land Development Corporation, in response to Tiwi Land Council feedback, commissioned project consultants Cardno to undertake investigations and identify concepts that explored tourism and residential weekender, glamping and cabin style concepts on the Islands.


With up to 10 000 hectares being suitable for development for agricultural purposes, it is rare to find this amount of greenfield land with pristine ground water. The Tiwi Islands create a natural biodiversity due to its isolation from the mainland, and with current existing port infrastructure and barge services to support the agricultural activities, the Tiwi Islands presents a unique opportunity. 


There are several aquaculture opportunities present on the Tiwi Islands. An abundant supply of pristine fresh and sea water provides ideal aquaculture conditions.

Suitable species include both sea cage farming and land based farming. These opportunities exist for fish (barramundi) prawns, clams, oysters, crabs and sea cucumbers.


There is a range of industrial opportunities available in both Melville and Bathurst Islands which will pave the way for ensuring growth in the future. Potential development opportunities include: a marina with barge landing, industrial support facilities and water bottling facilities. 

View of sea from Bathurst Lodge
View from Bathurst Lodge, image courtesy of Tracey Ryan

Investor snapshot

Company / organisation: Land Development Corporation, Tiwi Land Council and the Tiwi Aboriginal Land Trust.

Investment opportunity: Development sites suitable for tourism and residential, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial projects. 

Location: Tiwi Islands (Bathhurst Island and Melville Island), Timor Sea, Northern Territory, Australia.

Investment type: Private investment for development, long term leases of land (up to 99 years) from the Land Development Corporation.

Project concept

Up to 10,040 hectares of land is available including:

  • tourism and residential - cabins, glamping or weekender developments with restaurant and flagship attractions
  • agriculture - fruit and vegetables, buffalo and forestry
  • aquaculture - sea or land based farming of fish, prawns, clams, oysters, crabs and sea cucumbers
  • industrial - marina, barge landing, and water bottling.

Why invest?

The Tiwi Islands are an ecologically rich and primarily pristine environment that provides a unique backdrop for development. The Tiwi people encourage development on their land which provides economic and social development opportunities.

The Tiwi people encourage development that provides the opportunity to re-engage with the land and provide opportunities for economic and social self-reliance.

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