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Invest in the most resilient and exciting economy in Australia.

The Northern Territory has a track record of successfully facilitating substantial projects, particularly over the past decade.

The Northern Territory is a dynamic region, rich with potential and unique characteristics - giving rise to a culture that attracts and nurtures ambitious entrepreneurs.

The Northern Territory’s remarkable achievements include world-class oil and gas infrastructure, significant mining developments, major agribusiness initiatives, pioneering large-scale solar power facilities in remote areas, the creation of unique tourism experiences, and the development of leading global research focused on tropical locations and the environment.

The Northern Territory Government invites you to explore the exceptional investment potential of the region.

Train on a track with the sun setting in background

Today, this spirit of ingenuity shines brighter than ever.

Investors can be inspired by the scale of opportunity and the richness of possibilities in the Northern Territory. There is no better time than now to discover and commercialise untapped resources, build infrastructure, grow tourism and expand health and higher quality education facilities.

Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, is Australia’s northernmost capital city, as close to Singapore and Manila as it is to Sydney and Melbourne. Eight national capitals, 36 trading ports, 69 international airports and nearly half a billion people are within five hours’ flight of Darwin. In the coming decades, the demand from the Asian region for energy, food, raw materials and consumer goods will be unprecedented. The Northern Territory has the significant resources available to help satisfy this appetite, in a prime location.

The Northern Territory is an open and friendly place, with a multicultural population. We welcome foreign investment to develop our significant mineral and energy resource precincts, much of which have yet to be explored. Agricultural products such as meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, crops, forestry and ornamental plants are also very prospective. The potential commercial benefit from native flora and fauna, food and medicines is also essentially untapped in a natural environment that’s largely undeveloped.

New businesses and innovations are an important component of our economic future and with numerous investment opportunities to discover in many sectors we welcome the opportunity to help you prosper in the Northern Territory.

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Image sources: Darwin Convention Centre, Northern Territory Government, Charles Darwin University, Tourism NT, INPEX, Silva Photographics and Shutterstock.

Publication date: July 2017