Migrate for business

Now is an ideal time to start a business in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) or move your business to the NT.

Australia is one of the world’s top 20 economies and Asia is becoming the world’s economic powerhouse.

The NT is the closest part of Australia to Asia and will benefit greatly as Asian economies keep growing and needing more goods and services.

Take a closer look at the NT to understand what it has to offer so you can identify potential partners and capitalise on future opportunities.

You can find out more about migration for business people and investors, get an economic overview or access the Northern Territory’s investment portal.

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Migration for business people and investors

If you are interested in starting a business, investing or retiring in Australia's Northern Territory (NT) you should contact the NT Government’s Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.

The NT Government can nominate eligible overseas business people and investors for all of the Australian Government’s Business Innovation and Investment visas.

To be eligible for the majority of these visas you will need a nomination from an Australian state government, such as the NT Government.

Here are some business visa options that could suit you.

  • Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visa - includes the Significant Investor and Premium Investor visa streams
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (Subclass 888) visa.

The Australian Government's Visa Finder can help you find the right visa.

MINT program

The Migration Innovation Northern Territory (MINT) program is an initiative owned by the Darwin Innovation Hub and Paspalis Asset Management and supported by the Northern Territory Government.

The program assists overseas nationals with obtaining Northern Territory Government nomination, if they have demonstrated commitment to being involved in the Darwin Innovation Hub.

The Migration Innovation Northern Territory 2019/20 program has commenced.

Further information will be available in the coming weeks on this page and through the Darwin Innovation Hub website.