Migrate to the Territory, Australia

Transcript of video:

[Background music]

[Angelo on screen]

Angelo: I was born in Madagascar. I spent most of my life there.

[Enggar on screen]

Enggar: I am originally from Indonesia.

[Grace on screen]

Grace: I come from a small province in Vietnam.

[Nadeem on screen]

Nadeem: I'm a Syrian refugee. I was born in Jordan.

[Jane on screen]

Jane: My parents fled their hometown in South Sudan, so I was born in a refugee camp in Uganda.

On screen text: Migrate to the Territory, Australia.

[Jane walking in a park]

Jane: Life in the refugee camp is not easy. You hear in some parts people were killed, people were captured.

[Jane on screen]

On screen text: Jane Alia, Nurse

Jane: My parents applied through UNHCR. It's an organisation that helps refugees to basically have a safe life.

[Enggar at work talking with another woman]

On screen text: Enggar Daranindra, Teacher

Enggar: My dad is a diplomat so we travelled the world quite often I would say, and I decided to stay first because I was in uni, but now I realise that I belong in Darwin.

[Aerial footage of Darwin city]

On screen text: Grace Bui, Teacher

Grace: I love living in Vietnam but then I really want to try a different environment.

[Grace with her family in Vietnam / Grace walking on beach with a friend]

Grace: That's why I chose to come to Australia.

[Nadeem cooking food on a barbeque]

Nadeem: Syria was a beautiful place to go and visit until that time.

On screen text: Nadeem Turkyah, Chef

[Nadeem on screen]

Nadeem: You're living in a big jail, until my father hear about the Australian Embassy accepted applications.

[Angelo walking through a park]

Angelo: I always dreamed about Australia.

On screen text: Angelo Razafimamonjy, Environmental Scientist

[Angelo on screen and Angelo with his wife]

Angelo: So I promised to myself that one day I have to visit that place.So I started to work on the process of how to migrate.

[Grace walking on beach with a friend / Grace on screen / clips of Grace with group of friends]

Grace: So I think the first thing when you come to Darwin is that you have to make friends, and it is so easy here.

[Nadeem cooking food / Nadeem on screen]

Nadeem: The second day when we came to Darwin we just picked some of our traditional food and we took it to all our neighbours to share with them.

[Enggar on screen / Enggar with friends]

Enggar: Everyone is very accepting here and they want to know you better, they appreciate you.

[Jane on screen]

Jane: Things such as how many day, things such as the Malak Markets, you know the Mindil Beach Markets really bring people together.

[Enggar at work talking with another woman/ Enggar on screen / Enggar working with children]

Enggar: The work opportunities for me, especially as a teacher is massive in Darwin. I really love teaching primary school kids because I can see their growth that inspires me.

[Grace on screen / Grace playing with a child]

Grace: I can see my students really develop and that really inspires me to keep being a teacher.

[Angela on screen / Angelo talking with work colleagues]

Angelo: I am an environmental scientist. When I applied my skills were needed in Darwin. Now I'm on the regulation side, so it's a very enriching experience and I feel really very blessed.

[Jane attending to a patient / Jane on screen]

Jane: My experience of growing up in the refugee camp, having witnessed the lack of health services really got me passionate about health and sciences. That's why I did nursing.

[Mary on screen / Mary and Jane with a patient]

On screen text: Mary Noah, Clinical Nurse Manager, Royal Darwin Hospital

Mary: Jane is a team player. She never backs down from any challenge. She's got that cultural respect. All my staff love Jane.

[Nadeem on screen / Nadeem working on a market stall]

Nadeem: The first time I stepped in a restaurant I dreamed that one day I would have my own one. So when I first stepped into the market I didn't see any food from my country, and I said this is what I have to do to give a taste from our country.

[James on screen / Nadeem preparing food]

On screen text: James Parker, Operations Manager, Deckchair Cinema

James: It's not just the food than the Nadeem brings he's a larger-than-life character and he loves what he does, and you can feel the passion when he's serving you.

[Nadeem on screen]

Nadeem: I found it in my blood.

[Grace playing with a child / Grace on screen / clips of tourism locations]

Grace: What I really love about Darwin is lifestyle. People enjoy going out into nature, camping.

[Jane on screen / Jane with a friend]

Jane: I love going to the beach. I love reading. You meet people from all around the world and they say hello to you.

[Nadeem on screen / Nadeem serving food]

Nadeem: People are so friendly, so kind. They would love to talk to you, to know more about you. If they can help you, they will help you.

[Angelo playing guitar and singing with his wife / Angelo with his three children]

Angelo: We have more family time. My wife, she managed to improve her English and got the job she wanted. The kids enjoy the school. I think I've got the dream that I wanted for my children.

[Clips of Enggar, Jane, Grace, Angelo and his wife]

Angelo: If you want to have a happy life then you need to embrace the place, you need to cherish it, but contribute as well to the life to make it vibrant and then you will live the life of your dreams.

On screen text: Be your best in the Territory.

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