Common questions for NT Government visa nominations

Common questions for Northern Territory (NT) Government visa nomination and general skilled migration visa nomination.

What are the processing times for NT Government visa nomination applications?

Processing times for general skilled migration applications are as follows:

  • offshore applicants approximately six months
  • NT student / NT resident applicants approximately one month.

Please do not send emails asking for updates on our processing times and timeframes for processing specific applications as we are unable respond.

How do I find out the status of my application?

Your online application clearly identifies the status of your application. Please do not send messages or emails asking for the status of your application as they will not be responded to. Migration will contact you or your authorised representative via your online application’s message portal if further information is required and you or your authorised representative will be notified by email when a decision has been made.

I have submitted my SkillSelect EoI but you haven’t invited me.

The NT Government does not offer invitations directly from your EoI. You must submit an application to Migration for NT Government visa nomination.

Who can apply for NT Government nomination?

Any overseas citizen, regardless of where they are currently living, can apply to the NT Government for nomination of a Subclass 489 or 190 visa through Migration. However, to be nominated by the NT Government prospective visa applicants must meet NT Government and the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs eligibility requirements.

Can Migration provide pre-application advice on the likelihood that my nomination application will be successful?

No, Migration will not provide pre-application advice or any indication of the chances of success to prospective visa applicants. 

Do I need to have lodged an Expression of Interest (EoI) to apply for a NT Government sponsored nomination?

Yes, you must submit an EoI prior to applying to Migration. Go to the Australian Government's SkillSelect service.

If my visa application is refused by the Department of Home Affairs can Migration assist me?

No. The assessment and granting of all visas is the responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs. Migration has no ability to intervene or influence the decision.

What is the cost of application?

Currently Migration does not charge a nomination fee.

When are the nomination rounds and dates?

There are no nomination rounds or dates for NT nominations.

How long is the nomination valid for?

If your application is approved your nomination will be valid for 90 days.

Can I submit more than one nomination application?

No, you can only submit one nomination application at a time.

Where can I find the NT Migration Occupation List?

View the NT Migration Occupation List.

Where can I find the Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration?

The Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration is available on the Department of Home Affairs website

My occupation is not on the NT Migration Occupation List, however, it is listed on the Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration - will I get nominated by the NT?

If your occupation is not on the NT Migration Occupation List but is on the Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration, you will need to provide strong evidence of your employability and evidence that the occupation is in shortage in the NT.  You can do this by providing evidence of this occupation being advertised in the NT multiple times (make copies of the job advertisements - do not show webpage links only), clarify how your experience matches the advertised job and provide feedback from potential NT employers with whom you have made contact.

If you’re already residing in the NT, you must provide evidence of working in the nominated occupation in the NT, no less than six month’s full time and must prove future employment prospects.

My occupation is not on the Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration, am I eligible for NT nomination?

No, only occupations on the Department of Home Affairs list of eligible skilled occupations for general skilled migration are eligible for nomination.

What must I provide as an offer of employment?

If an offer of employment is required for your occupation (check the NT Migration Occupation List), it must be for a minimum of six months and can be part-time or full-time work in your nominated occupation or a closely related occupation. Casual employment is not accepted. You should provide a copy of your offer letter or contract and this must include details of your employer, their address, phone number and Australian Business Number. This offer will be verified with the business.

I want to find an employer to sponsor me, can you help?

No, Migration does not provide a recruitment service and cannot assist you in finding employment in the NT. However we do have information on looking for jobs in the Northern Territory.

What is a skills assessment and where can I obtain that?

A skills assessment is an independent assessment of whether you have the skills and / or experience to undertake an occupation in Australia. There are a number of skills assessments for different purposes. A skills assessment for migration purposes is required to apply for NT Government general skilled migration nomination. For information about which skills assessment body provides an assessment for your occupation go to the Department of Home Affairs website

Do my documents have to be officially translated?

Yes, all documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an official English translation. You must also include clear colour copies / scans of the original documents.

I graduated in another state of Australia and my occupation is on the NT Migration Occupation List, am I eligible for NT nomination?

Yes, however unless you can show that you have lived and worked in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation in the NT for at least six months, your application will not be successful. Read important information if you already live in Australia.

If I graduated in the NT but did not study in the NT for the full two years, am I eligible for NT nomination?

Yes, however you will generally only be considered for a Subclass 489 visa nomination and only if your application is strong. Exceptional circumstances may be considered.

Will I get NT nomination if I have completed two years of full-time study but I have not yet completed the course in which I am currently enrolled?

No, Migration’s policy is not to nominate NT students unless they provide a letter of completion from their NT education provider at the time of application.

What is the minimum English language requirement?

The minimum English language requirement is an outcome of Competent unless otherwise specified by assessing / licensing or registration body or on the NT Migration Occupation List. Competent means the equivalent of at least IELTS 6.0 in each band level.

Migration will accept all English language tests that are approved by the Department of Home Affairs to support a visa application. These include IELTS, OET, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic and Cambridge English Advanced (CAE). For a list of language tests accepted and the comparison of test scores go to the Department of Home Affairs website

What is the difference in criteria between a Subclass 190 permanent residence visa and a Subclass 489 provisional visa?

Generally only those persons able to demonstrate a long term ongoing commitment to the NT, for example long term residents including international graduates who have studied at least two years in the NT, will be considered for a Subclass 190 permanent residence visa.

What evidence do I need to demonstrate my assets and financial capacity?

You must provide verifiable documented evidence that you have access to or ownership of the required amount of net assets.  Assets can include cash; residential and commercial property; and personal property such as gold, jewellery, vehicles, etc. You must provide evidence of the value, for example independent valuations and purchase receipts. You must provide a summary sheet showing the values in Australian dollars.

Medical insurance policies, fixed deposits, public provident funds and government savings scheme investments can be used however the maturity dates must be within a reasonable period, or alternatively the funds must be able to be withdrawn early.

If your family are going to financially support you they will need to provide a statutory declaration advising that they are prepared to support you to a certain amount and they must show that they have these funds in liquid assets, for example withdrawable bank funds, not property. You will also need to show evidence of the family relationship.

The NT requires you to demonstrate your financial capacity so that we know you will be able to support yourself and your family while you establish yourselves and settle in the NT.

Can I lodge another application for nomination if my previous application was not successful?

Yes, however a new application is highly unlikely to be successful unless your circumstances have changed and new information is available. For example you have received a job offer or a new English test result.

How do I show 'strong evidence of positive employment prospects'?

Evidence could be provided in a number of ways:

  • A statement as to how your skills and experience are inline with NT employer needs. Obviously someone without relevant experience will not be able to demonstrate they are employable. For example an aircraft mechanic who does not have experience working on planes that we have in the NT will not be able to demonstrate they are employable.
  • A letter of offer of employment.
  • Provide job advertisements (make copies of the job advertisements - do not show webpage links only) and provide a written explanation of how you meet the criteria.

Do I qualify to claim points for study?

For information on study requirements go to the Department of Home Affairs website

If Migration approves my nomination application and Department of Home Affairs grants my visa, what are my obligations?

As part of the nomination process you will be required to sign a declaration committing to live and work in the NT for two years after your visa is granted. This is a serious commitment, therefore we request that you carefully consider this obligation prior to submitting your nomination application.

Once my visa is granted, can I find work outside the NT and transfer my nomination to another state?

No, in exchange for NT nomination you make a commitment to move to the NT to live and work for a minimum of two years once your visa has been granted. The NT Government does not issue release letters under any circumstances.