Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarships are provided by the Northern Territory (NT) Government and education providers to talented international students to study in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The scholarship program is currently accessible for all international students wanting to study in Australia’s Northern Territory.

For updated travel restrictions please go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Get the scholarship flyer.

Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship flyer PDF (1.39MB)
Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship flyer DOCX (3.3MB)

Who can apply

You must: 

  • submit your completed application to a participating NT education and training provider, view providers in the where you apply section below
  • have applied and obtained an offer of admission to study in the NT 
  • have a demonstrated record of academic excellence, community engagement and leadership
  • meet the NT education or training provider's academic and English entry criteria 
  • be planning to move to the NT from interstate or overseas
  • not already be studying in the NT, or with a NT education provider
  • not hold any other scholarship
  • have submitted a completed scholarship application form to your NT education provider, and 
  • not hold current Australian citizenship, Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizenship.
What you can get

The scholarships are valued at: 

  • higher education: $12 000
  • vocational education and training: $7500.


The scholarship amount is for your first semester or year of tuition fees with your education and training provider. 

When can you apply

Charles Darwin University applications must be submitted no later than the dates below.

Higher education scholarships: 

  • offshore applications: 31 July 2022
  • onshore applications: 7 August 2022.


Vocational education and training scholarships:

  • offshore applications: 26 June 2022
  • onshore applications: 3 July 2022.


Applications are open throughout the year for all other education and training providers participating in the scholarship program.

Where can you apply

The following education providers offer the Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarships: 

Higher education scholarship

Vocational education and training scholarship

How to apply

Fill in the application form and submit it to the education provider that you have received an offer of admission from. 

Study in Australia's Northern Territory application (pdf 137kb)
Study in Australia's Northern Territory application (docx 59kb)

How your application is assessed

Your education provider will accept and assess your application then submit to StudyNT for final review and endorsement. 

If your application is successful

If your application is successful, your education provider will notify you.

You must sign a letter of agreement confirming you will continue to meet the scholarship criteria and terms. This is a legally binding agreement.

You need to return this to your education provider. 

How your scholarship is paid

Your scholarship is to reduce your fees for your first semester or year of tuition with your education provider.

If you have any questions contact your education provider directly. 


For more information or if you have any questions please contact email or call +61 8 8999 6395.

Page last updated 22 April 2022