DTown Coffee Roasters video transript

[Christos Panas sitting in his café’s coffee bean storage room.]

“Hi my name is Christos Panas, I’m the director of DTown Coffee Roasters here in Darwin.”

[Christos standing behind the counter serving a customer and making a cup of coffee.]

“I have been a barista and been in the hospitality scene for 29 years now. I decided to start the first local commercial coffee brand here in Darwin, hence the name DTown Coffee Roasters.”

[Close up of a DTown Coffee Roasters branded coffee bean bag. Coffee beans being roasted. Christos sifting raw coffee beans through his hands out of a hessian sack.]

“We roast our coffee here in Darwin. It’s roasted fresh. We source our beans from high quality growing regions around the world. We recently built a relationship with East Timor and we’re currently sourcing beans directly from Timor.”

[Photos of Timorese men and women processing raw coffee beans in a big shed in Timor-Leste.]

“Last year I got to travel over to East Timor with the Chamber of Commerce on a trade mission. While I was there I bumped into Nelson who was processing his coffee just after harvest. Yeah, that how our relationship started and since then we’ve imported 4 tonnes of coffee since last year and we’re looking to import some more this year as well.”

[Timor-Leste coffee beans being scooped into a DTown branded coffee bag. Christos pouring milk in to milk frothing pitcher. Christs frothing milk in the milk frothing pitcher]

“We’re on our last bag of coffee and we’re due in for a few tonnes coming in hopefully this week. We are also looking at exporting some milk as well to Timor. We’ll benefit from the coffee side of things but also, we’re looking at benefitting from helping each other.”

[Christos Panas sitting in his café’s coffee bean storage room.]

“We doing some training with some Timorese students and doing some work experience here in Darwin and finding a few places where they can do work experience which will be really good for both of us.”

[Christos holding up a bag of DTown branded coffee from Timor-Leste. Social media tags to follow DTown on Facebook, DTOWN Coffee Roasters and Instagram, @dtowncoffee]

Page last updated 11 December 2023