Strategic partnership agreement 2023 to 2027

Dili to Darwin, ties strengthened with Timor-Leste

The Northern Territory is further strengthening ties with Timor-Leste with the signing of a 4-year strategic partnership agreement, boosting business and trade opportunities between our jurisdictions.

Timor-Leste is identified as a priority country in the Northern Territory international engagement strategy.

The strategy outlines the Territory Government’s plan to be the preferred partner for business, in an intensely competitive and rapidly evolving global market.

The strategic partnership agreement 2023 to 2027 builds on the previous agreement and reinforces the strong relationship between Timor-Leste and the Northern Territory.

This agreement implements a new strategic framework for bilateral cooperation between the Timor-Leste Government and the Northern Territory Government, and will also complement the Australian Government’s aid program.

Under the agreement, plans of action will identify initiatives to support education, business and workforce, trade and investment, tourism, emergency preparedness, agriculture, health, sports, arts and culture.

These initiatives reflect our regions shared commitment to cooperation and exchange and will add to our growing bilateral relationship.

The Northern Territory Government welcomes the signing of the strategic partnership agreement and will work with Timor-Leste to identify further strategic priorities.

Page last updated 8 February 2023